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Al Biedrzycki

Head of Partner Marketing
With over 15 years of experience in leading ecosystems, platforms and partnerships, Al Biedrzycki has been instrumental in scaling startups, pre- and post-IPO organizations. One of his most notable achievements is helping grow HubSpot's platform product ecosystem to 500+ app partners and its channel program to 3,000+ agency partners. He also helped build and scale Airtable's extension marketplace and service partner program. At Jasper, Al leads the affiliate marketing and solutions partner program strategies.

This Speaker's Sessions

Accelerate Your Brilliance with AI: From Setup to Scale

Feb 7, 2024 | 12:00 pm
Al Biedrzycki of Jasper AI, one of the most advanced AI marketing platforms, will walk through their playbook on how to deploy AI at an agency. This will include a look at how to define “AI-powered” versus “Human-led” functions, pricing considerations, positioning AI-powered services, how to scale, and more.<p><p>He’ll also provide a brief demo of their marketing content development platform. If you’ve never fully seen AI at work with developing aspects of brand strategy, campaign planning, and content development — you won’t want to miss this session.