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Reliable Group

Veeral Lakhani

Veeral Lakhani is the CEO of Reliable Group, an AI-first IT services firm celebrating 50 years in business. In 2017, Veeral realized that mass scale AI-powered business ecosystems were key to solving complex business problems. Now, Reliable Group uses our deep knowledge of global hiring to source talent firms to build AI applications within their own respective industries. Veeral is the Chair of the AI/ML subnetwork at YPO, a global network of over 30,000 entrepreneurs, and host of Ignite AI Coffee Hours. He graduated from the Stern School of Business at New York University, where he studied Finance and Marketing.

This Speaker's Sessions

Opening Keynote: How Humans & Machines Will Work Together

Feb 7, 2024 | 10:00 am
Veeral Lakhani runs one of the most sophisticated tech firms – with a specialization in building AI-powered infrastructures for some of the world’s leading organizations. His clients include the likes of Airbnb, Goldman Sachs, HBO, Marvel, UPS, Citi, Walmart, and Bank of America, to name a few.<p><p>In this kick-off to the Mirren AI Conference, Veeral will step back and provide a fascinating look at what’s ahead for generative artificial intelligence – not only what it means for agencies but how it will also come to impact our day-to-day lives.